A Taste For Risk

1 x 52' HD
A taste for risk

Trailer - English

A taste for risk

52' - English

Le Goût du Risque

52' - French

Whether in the snow, underwater or in the air, those who practice extreme sports take unbelievable risks to reach their goals everyday. Where does this taste for risks come from? Which physiological, sensory and psychological characteristics are necessary to achieve such performances? What does an extreme athlete feel when jumping off a cliff in a wingsuit to reach the speed of 200 km/h, when surfing a 10-metre high wave or when free-diving 120 metres deep under the sea? This very innovative transmedia project will try to provide answers to these questions through different types of experiences: not only a linear documentary film, but also a groundbreaking virtual reality immersive experience, available with premium features on VR headsets (Oculus Rift) or as an application for smartphones and tablet computers (compatible with virtual reality tools such as Google Cardboard or Homido). A website will be the main entry to this exciting transmedia project which, as one of the firsts of its kind, will revolutionize documentary storytelling.
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