Daughter of the Lake

1 x 52' or 1 x 90' HD
Nelida, an Andean woman connected with nature, feels she is the daughter of the lakes that provide water to her village. But just beneath her lakes, Yanacocha, Latin America’s largest gold mine, wants to exploit a deposit valued at billions of dollars. They have the Peruvian government’s support to mine it, even though it means drying out the lakes. Nelida and farmers who live downstream oppose the project, because they fear running out of water. In addition to intimidation campaigns from the political and economic powers, they have to face criticisms from their own people who now depend on the mining industry. Despite violence, Nelida joins the march from her homeland to Lima and realizes she’s not alone. In this life and death struggle, her determination and fight for justice shed a new light on the human cost of gold.
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