Secrets of the Ancients Builders: Easter Island

1 x 52' 4K
Secrets of the Ancient Builders

Teaser - English

Anciens Bâtisseurs - Ep: "Ile de Pâques"

52' - French

Since its discovery in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in 1722, Easter Island has attracted generations of explorers and archaeologists anxious to solve the mystery of the "moai": giant statues carved around the island by the inhabitants, the Rapa Nui.

How did they manage, well before the invention of the wheel, or the arrival of metal on the island, to build and move these stone giants that each weigh several tonnes? How did they carve the moai's altars out of basalt, an extremely hard volcanic rock? What tools did they have on hand? Thanks to CGI and the exploration of the island alongside those who have been carrying out excavations there and studying the island for years, discover the Rapa Nui’s building techniques that resulted in the construction, transport, and evolution of the moai.

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