Petra: Secrets of the Ancient Builders

1 x 52' 4K
Petra: Secrets of the Ancient Builders

Trailer - English

Petra : Secrets of the Ancient Builders

52' - English

Pétra : Une cité de légende

52' - French

Petra, segreti nascosti

44' - Italian

In the south of Jordan, in the heart of the desert, lies the spectacular city of Petra. Built more than 2,000 years ago, it contains innumerable architectural treasures: colossal buildings carved into cliffs, hundreds of tombs, temples, and baths... Petra, the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom, was a rich and prosperous city. And yet, it resides in the heart of a very inhospitable region. So why did the Nabataeans decide to build their capital here? And above all, how did they manage to transform this desert area into a luxurious city? The film takes you on a discovery of the technical prowess behind this oasis of stone. You will see how the workers shaped these spectacular buildings through amazing techniques. You will learn how rain was gathered to provide the city with water. And you will even discover the construction secrets of what could be the first anti-seismic buildings in human history. Through the use of computer graphics, interviews with the world’s leading experts, and footage of the extraordinary remains of this city, this documentary will offer you an unprecedented immersion into the construction of this unique city.

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