The Relics of Egypt: Exploring the Largest Museum in the World

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Le grand musée Égyptien, un chantier pharaonique

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A stone’s throw from the iconic Cheops pyramids, another famous man-made creation rises, towering over the Giza Plateau: The Grand Egyptian Museum. The construction of this ultra-modern building of unprecedented proportions, stretching over 117 acres, was recently finalized.

With its 20 years of construction punctuated with pitfalls and dead ends, 5000 daily onsite workers and 1-billion-dollar budget, it is the biggest construction site the world has ever seen. In the 260,000 square feet dedicated to the permanent collection, the new museum houses 100,000 priceless archaeological artefacts including numerous ones that have never been shown to the public. The world-renowned funerary mask has pride of place among the 4500 relics displayed from Tutankhamen’s treasures. The 15,000 expected daily visitors are greeted at the entry by the pride of the nation – the colossal Ramses II statue. 

Through a combination of illustrated archives and 3D sequences of the building’s construction, as well as explanations by the experts involved, we will delve into the heart of this pharaonic project – the greatest Egyptian works ever undertaken since the pyramids. Welcome to the biggest museum in the world!

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