Travelling With the Jinju

1 x 52' HD
Travelling with the Jinju

Trailer - English

Travelling with the Jinju

52' - English

Jinju, l'Opéra Ambulant Chinois

52' - French

This film plunges us into the heart of a travelling opera troupe, offering us the opportunity to experience an exceptional cultural and human adventure. Filmed like a documentary road movie, it is a unique journey through the landscapes and isolated rural communities of northern China. Day after day, year after year, the actors travel to keep the «Jinju» alive, this ancestral art that has for centuries played an essential role as popular entertainment meant to honour the gods. These troupes are the final custodians of an eternal China. However today, these small travelling operas may be reaching the end of the road. Their future looks bleak in a world that is now changing very fast paralleled by a massive rural flight that nothing, it seems, can slow down. But despite this reality the adventure must go on, in order to transmit the Jinju and its values to the younger generations.
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