Al-'Ula: Jewel of Arabia

1 x 52' 4K

Al-‘Ula, founded in the 6th century BC in present-day Saudi Arabia, is one of humanity’s most recently recognized heritage treasures. The as-yet unexplored past of this valley, slightly larger than the state of Massachusetts, makes it an archeological site of foremost importance.
Adopted as a capital city in the 1st century BC by the Nabateans, who had been driven out of Petra, Al-‘Ula defies description. Hundreds of massive tombs, sanctuaries, temples, crypts, wells, and irrigation systems were carved out of the solid pinkish-ochre rock. Join us in investigating the mysteries they conceal. How did the Nabateans, who ruled the ancient Incense Route, manage to subdue the rugged cliffs surrounding this oasis?
Thanks to the world’s greatest experts and an abundance of 3D animation, we will tour the wonders of Al-‘Ula, Petra’s sister city.

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