Life on the Road

3 x 52' HD

The Life on the Road collection takes us on a voyage into the heart of the everyday lives of nomadic cultures around the world.
Faced with a modern and constantly evolving world, three nomads try to maintain their traditional lifestyles. Day after day, road after road, they take us on an extraordinary human and cultural adventure.
In Travelling with the Jinju, we follow Li, the youngest actress in a travelling opera troupe in China, who tries to preserve her ancestral art.
In Touring Talkies, Anup Jagdale and his apprentice, travel around the state of Maharashtra in India in search of new audiences for their travelling cinema.
In The Nomadic Doctor, Ogui goes everywhere with her clinic yurt: she tours the Mongolian steppe and tries to build a connection between the age-old nomadic lifestyle and the techniques of modern medicine. 

  • 3 x 52' HD
  • Flair Production, Tita Production, Kwanza, Ushuaïa TV, Arte, SWR, RBB, Cine+
  • Antoine Brice & Thibault Férié
  • English, French
  • Discovery & Travel
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