Maya: Ancient Metropolis

3 x 52' 4K

The Maya Civilization has baffled historians for centuries with its unprecedented prowess in Math, Astronomy, and Engineering. All that was left of the Maya seemed to only be the ruins of giant pyramids, but the most recent discoveries from archaeological excavations reveal much more: lost citadels in the Guatemalan jungle found around Tikal, a sacred cenote at Chichen Itza, and underground network of tunnels discovered at Teotihuacan. How were these ancient people able to build such structure, and what was their purpose? With the development and implication of new technologies (Lidar system and electrical resistivity tomography), we will try to answer the questions raised by these megastructures of stone. Through detailed CGI reconstitution, this series brings to life the Maya people, their gods, and the long lost secrets of their way of life.

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