Mind Forward

1 x 52' HD
For the first time ever, it’s possible to understand the mysteries of the most complex and mysterious part of our universe: the human brain. In-depth understanding of the human brain opens doors to spheres which were until recently considered as belonging to the realm of science fiction: reading people’s minds, modifying their memories and behaviour, or sharing emotions over the internet…. Thanks to the unstoppable evolution of brain-machine interfaces, paralyzed patients can walk again with the support of an exoskeleton, and patients with brain damage, autism, or hyperactivity can improve their abilities. A quadriplegic patient can even drive a Formula 1 car just by using his brain. But the potential offered by these brain-machine interfaces will soon also be applicable in the daily lives of people who wish to increase their cognitive skills, develop their aptitudes in mathematics, or improve their memory. We are about to experience an unprecedented revolution, that of neurotechnology. We shall enter an era where neurorights will be key considerations, as it will be essential to regulate the privacy of our minds or the possibility of boosting our mental skills.
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