The Harvest Mouse: Grassland Acrobat

1 x 52' 4K

Once upon a time, there was Alana, a minuscule harvest mouse. Captured in her home in the reed marshes and taken to join a luxurious farm, which aims to breed and protect this endangered species, she is set free in an organically-farmed meadow from whence harvest mice had disappeared decades before. As with all her fellows, Alana is a phenomenon of nature. She lives in the heart of the tall grass in which she performs antics worthy of the most gifted monkeys. But above all, like birds, she builds astonishing little spherical nests of woven grass in which to raise her young.

But for Alana, things don't go quite as planned. Attacked by a household cat, she takes refuge in a bale of straw in the neighbouring field, and then the bale is hauled off by a tractor. She faces many adventures before finally finding the perfect place to live out her days in happiness.

In The Harvest Mouse: Grassland Acrobat, the camera always shows us life from the harvest mouse's point of view, with the humans looking like giants. On a minute scale, this is an ecological and humorous animal story.

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