Trump Almighty

1 x 52' or 1 x 70' HD

In November 2020, Americans will vote to elect their president. Could Donald Trump be re-elected? 

Rarely has an American president been as controversial as the current tenant of the White House. Every day, one polemic follows another with Trump’s enraged tweets and snap decisions: from the Muslim ban to the shutdown, the withdrawal from climate agreements to the crisis with Iran, from his challenge to the right to abortion to his attempts to hide his infidelities with former playmates, America and the world are witnesses to his excesses, divisiveness and impulsive policies. 

With the US presidential elections coming up in 2020, this film will look at Donald Trump’s first term in office: four years of outlandish decisions, scandals and fake news, told from the inside by the most eminent American journalists and former collaborators of the president. William Karel (director of documentaries The World According to Bush and Barack Obama: Great Expectations) will meet advisors, ministers and diplomats who worked at the heart of power and then distanced themselves, whether resigning or being brutally ejected. We’ll learn what unfolded backstage of this extraordinary presidency, looking back on the key episodes of the Trump's first mandate..

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